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We specialize in valuing business interests for many purposes, including estate, gift, and income taxation; purchase and sale of minority and controlling interests; preferred recapitalizations; litigation involving business and securities valuation issues; and general corporate and shareholder planning.

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“Our firm has worked with them several times. We have found them to be easy to work with and their work product and analysis is very good.”

“I have worked with Jim and his firm since they were founded, and my experience has been the same. They also are very timely.”

“I have worked with BCG Valuations; many times, both before he started the Firm and at his prior firm. He is one of the best technicians out there and a super nice guy.”

“I always enjoy working with you. Your appraisals continue to be our gold standard..”

“(The client) …is very pleased … thanks so much to you guys.”

“Your work enabled us to be quite comfortable with the result. ”

“Thank you so much. This is a really wonderful report. And so nice of you to be so responsive and thorough (and thoughtful) in every way.”

“You’re great! I knew I could count on you.”

“Thank you for being the best at what you do, not just from a professional standpoint but also how you handle the clients. ”

“Thank you for your patience and professionalism.”

“Many thanks. You guys are the best, hands down.”

“I can’t thank you enough for your fine work. I’m sure … (client team) will reflect to you as well that it was critical for us getting to a reasonably fair outcome. Any kind words you need passed along to prospective clients or if you need a client testimonial, just give me a call. … Thanks again.”

“Congratulations on a job very well done, and we certainly appreciate all your help and effort.”

“You made a difference; your testimony made a difference.”

“At long last we closed - we sold the assets for $$$ and I would say that you certainly helped make that possible, so thank you for your help and for your patience.”

“I have enjoyed working with you over the years and have always had great confidence in your work.”

"I really appreciate you and your Firm!"

"BCG’s reports are “head and shoulders” over your competitors.  I cannot begin to tell you how valuable our relationship with your firm is. It is really fine, noticeably excellent work. Thank you!"


Industries We Work With

From our very first engagement valuing a Florida landfill company to our most recent assignment involving a prescription drug development start-up, and every industry in between, we’re always able to grasp the fundamentals of the industries in which our clients function.  This is essential to the valuation process, where the key is to put our finger on pulse of the client’s business.

Our Insights

How to Value Pre-Revenue Startup Companies with Highly Uncertain Future Operations

How to Value Pre-Revenue Startup Companies with Highly Uncertain Future Operations

By Matthew R. McCranor, ASA In general, financial theory states that the value of any given company should be equal to the present value of its future income streams. For publicly traded companies, investor expectations of future performance are inherently reflected in each company’s stock price. For private companies, valuations are often determined by a…

Business Valuation: A Look Back and Q&A with Jim Brockardt

Business Valuation: A Look Back and Q&A with Jim Brockardt

Several years ago, when BCG Valuations was celebrating its 10th anniversary, and its founder his 40th year as a business appraiser, our staff spoke with Jim about the industry and how it has changed during his career. Q: How has the business valuation profession changed in the last 40 years? A: That’s a tough question. …

Book Review – Understanding Business Valuation

Book Review – Understanding Business Valuation

In 2017, we were asked to review Gary Trugman’s recently released treatise, Understanding Business Valuation: A Practical Guide to Valuing Small to Medium Sized Businesses (Fifth Edition, Gary R Trugman, CPA/ABV, MCBA, ASA, MVS).  Like Gary, I have been valuing businesses for longer than I sometimes care to remember.  I do remember that when the…

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